Friday, July 13, 2012

Game from Philadelphia International

At the club this last Thursday, a few of us went over a game from the recently concluded Philadelphia International. This tournament runs just prior to the World Open and give some of America's up and coming players a chance to try for norms towards the International Master and Grandmaster titles.

This game is the final round game by the tournament winner, GM Abhijeet Gupta from India. In it his opponent, IM Dean Ippolito from New Jersey has a tough time in the main line Queens Gambit. One of the main challenges for Black in the Queens Gambit is solving the problem of his queens bishop. It typically, as in this game, gets trapped behind its own pawns and hampers development of the queen rook as well. If your opponent gets all his pieces into play, it is almost like playing a piece or two down.

Enjoy the game!

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