Upcoming Club Tournaments

Next USCF-Rated Club Tournament:

To be announced...

Please note that for all tournaments current membership in the US Chess Federation is required. To join or renew membership, simply go online at www.uschess.org.

Results of the July 16th Tournament

Tied for 1st Place and more than doubling their entry fees were Tony and Ben C. with 2 wins and a draw apiece; and, 2nd Place went to Kevin, who had 2 wins and also made a profit! Ron C., Mike T., and Dale C. rounded out the field, as everyone in it to win it enjoyed some pretty good games and had fun.

Results of the April 23rd Tournament

Our USCF-rated club tournament concluded with Red once again taking 1st Place. (And it's noted that he has won two club tournaments in a row, having now won 7 straight USCF-rated matches!)  Coming in a clear 2nd was Tony T., and tied for 3rd Place were Matthew and Trenton! 

Results of the March 19th Tournament:

A clear 1st Place finish and top cash prize went to Red, who managed to win all three of his well-contested matches! A well-earned tie for 2nd Place went to Matthew and Mike S., who each won 2 matches to split the total of the 2nd and 3rd Place cash prizes!

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