Monday, April 20, 2020

CHESS: Club Blitz Tourney On-Line Tonight Monday April 20th!

Hi All . . . !

Tonight, Monday April 20, 2020, at 8:00 p.m. is our club's Blitz Tournament on !

"Sign up" anytime between 7pm and 8pm and just be ready for your first match that starts promptly at 8:00 p.m.  For newcomers: If you're there early and choose to hang out a bit, feel free to chat with others there using the chat box at bottom of the screen.  Most of the players have played at our sessions at Starbucks and/or Mona's Bar & Grill !

Just click on this link:

[Or:  Login and go to Play, and click on  Live Chess,
Then:  click on Tournaments (upper right hand corner of screen]

Then:  "Sign up" by selecting 1st CC chess club 5 minute tournament 5 rounds.

Note:  Less than 9 players, only 3 rounds will be played.
More than 9 players, all 5 rounds will be played.

See you there!
-- Mike T.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

CHESS: Our On-Line Chess Tournament Friday Night 04/10/2020 !!

Hi Again Everyone . .  !

Our on-line Contra Costa Chess Club now has at least 38 members!  Everyone can join our free on-line tournaments at

Our next tournament will be this Friday evening, April 10, 2020.  Here's the link if you need one:

Make sure you've clicked 'JOIN' once you're at Live Chess and you've clicked "Tournaments" and selected "Second CC Chess Club 10 Minutes".

Make sure you've Joined within the hour (6:15pm and 7:15pm PDT), because that's when the site accepts entries, and the matches begin promptly at 7:15pm.

Note:  The tournament is set for 5 rds Swiss, with a Time Control of 10 minutes per side.  Based on last night's experience, few if any went the full 20 minutes (except perhaps for a well fought draw!). They go reasonably fast, don't they.

Also note: It takes a minimum of 10 players to join for the tournament to go 5 rounds.  If less than 10 join, the tournament ends after only 3 rounds.

Results are posted on the Club's room after the tournament, for all to see!  Just go to our Club's room site and click on live tournaments, then click on the tournament name.  Last night's first try at all this wound up with only 3 rounds, with Chris B. finishing on top with 3 wins!  Every player finished with at least 1 point !  Latecomers can join but of course will be at a disadvantage, able to play only the next game(s).

Any one can be there just as an observer, by the way.  Any questions or need more info, let me or John S. know, thanks, have fun, don't be late !!

--  Mike T. and John S.
Contra Costa Chess Club
US Chess Federation
Affiliate Club ID #A6024746

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

CHESS: Fun Tournament on Wednesday Night 04/08/20 !!

Hi Everyone . . . !

This Wednesday evening (4/8) at 7:15 pm PDT, the Contra Costa Chess Club will have a fun, challenging tournament for our members on the website  !!

Several of the club's players enjoy 5-minute chess, yet others would rather have a slightly longer time control to allow for more brain waves and fewer mouse slips.  So then, the time control for our tournament will be 10 minutes !

Open to club members only, entries will be accepted at the on-line tournament site starting at (not before) 6:15 p.m., and through the starting time of 7:15 p.m. on Weds, April 8, 2020.  To find the link to the tournament, go to the club's site and click on the "News" link in the right-hand column.)

Be on-line in the club chat room (We have at least 36 members now)  between 7pm and 7:10 pm this Wednesday.  John S. will set up the tournament, and we can get a good round-robin going on time  Late comers may have to just watch, if interested, and try to check in with John on line to try to get in on the action.  The matches will be rated for Rapid Chess ongoing ratings on the web site.

See you there, and stay Lockdown Healthy, stay Lockdown Safe . . . .

-- Mike T. & John S.
Contra Costa Chess Club
US Chess Federation
Affiliate Club ID #A6024746