Tuesday, January 12, 2021

CHESS: Club Still on Hiatus; but On-Line Club Tournaments Possible!

 Hi Everyone . . . !

Just a short message to let you know our club, the Contra Costa Chess Club, still cannot get together due to the pandemic lockdown.  Once it's lifted and we can once again play over the boards at our usual venues (Starbucks & Mona's Bar & Grill), I'll certainly let you know.

However, if you are game to play in fun on-line club tournaments (e.g., blitz (5 min.); or rapid (less than 30 min. -- usually 10 or 15); or longer (30mins. or more), please let me know if you are interested, and for which time control(s).

The site would be chess.com; and the club is the one with the penguins labeled Contra Costa Chess Club.  If not a member, create your login and password; then, connect to clubs, select our club, go to members, add your username or how you want to be known.

Any questions or need for more info, let me know, or email John S. on our website, which has been on hiatus, as well.

-- Mike T.
Contra Costa Chess Club
US Chess Federation
ID #A6024746