Sunday, July 29, 2012

Game from Biel Grandmaster Tournament

There is a strong Grandmaster Tournament going on currently in Biel, Switzerland. The tournament includes the world's highest ranked player, Magnus Carlsen, and current U.S. Champion Hikaru Nakamura.

As of slightly over the halfway mark of the tournament, the tournament is led by Wang Hao from China. He has won all of his games except for one (see below). You can see the current standings and live games on the tournament site:

Besides the Grandmaster Tournament, there is also a Masters Tournament going on along side it. Grandmaster Sam Shankland, originally from Orinda, is playing in it and after 6 rounds is on 4.5 points, a half point behind the leaders.

The below video is a game from the Grandmaster tournament. It is between the world's highest rated player Magnus Carlsen and the tournament leader Wang Hao. It is a unique opportunity to see the analysis and thinking of the world's top player. Enjoy!

UPDATE: The Grandmaster Tournament was ultimately won by Want Hao from China, just barely edging out Magnus Carlsen by one point.  Carlsen did manage to beat Hao in both the games they played against each other.

In the Master Tournament, which included 30 Grandmasters in a field of 111 participants, Sam Shankland ended with 7.5/11, a half point behind the winners group (tying for 4th-12th).  The winner was Igor Kurnosov from Russia.

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