Sunday, January 14, 2024

CHESS this Sunday, January 14, 2024 at Starbucks!

Hi Everyone!

Despite the damp, chilly, sometimes rainy afternoon and evening this past Wednesday, about 15 players enjoyed themselves at our usual Starbucks venue to socialize and have fun competing over the chess boards! Young Daniel was there with his mom Lisa, and even younger Suhas was there with his Dad Prudi, to mix in with Sam, Matthew, Ben C., Red, Mike T., Alwin, Bert, Moses, NMRich K., Moses, and John S.! A highlight was Suhas battling chess master Rich K. to a draw!

We meet again this Sunday afternoon, January 14, 2024, same time (3:00 p.m. to closing, come and go anytime); same place (Starbucks at 1536 Kirker Pass Rd., in the Clayton Shopping Center, just up from the intersection of Clayton Rd. and Ygnacio Valley Rd.). We get together every Sunday and Wednesday afternoons, all ages and skill levels are welcome, there are no dues, and there usually is a chess puzzle to solve, and the first player solving it on the first try wins a free tall Starbucks drink of choice!

Club Tournament: We'll have a USCF-Rated Club Tournament on Sunday, February 4, 2024. Time Control:G/30;d.10). 3 rds; Quads format, or slightly larger groups depending on number of entries and ratings; Location: Carl's Jr. Restaurant (across side parking lot from Starbucks); Starting Times: 11:30 a.m., NLT 1:15 p.m.; and NLT 2:30 p.m.; Entry Fee: $25 paid before 02/04/24; $30 if paid on 02/04/24. 90% or more of Entry Fees are returned as cash prizes, amounts for 1st & 2nd or more places to be determined based on number of entries. Required: Current membership in the US Chess Federation (If you need to join or renew membership, go online at

Let me know if you have questions or need more info. See you soon, drop in especially if you haven't in a long while, get your game up, make new friends, renew old friendships!

--- Mike T.
Contra Costa Chess Club
US Chess Federation
Affiliate Club ID #A6024746

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