Sunday, July 31, 2022

CHESS this Sunday, July 31, 2022 at Starbucks!

Hi Everyone . . . !

The Contra Costa Chess Club meets every Sunday and Wednesday afternoon, from 3:00pm on through closing time at our usual Starbucks venue located at 1536 Kirker Pass Rd., in the Clayton Shopping Center, just a couple of driveways up from the corner of Ygnacio Valley Rd. and Clayton Rd. in Concord. We meet again this Sunday, July 31, 2002, as the club continues to grow, with new players coming by practically every time we meet!

We welcome players of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to masters and all in between. Come and go anytime, there are no dues, and there is no purchase required (but it would be nice). Additionally, the first player to solve the day's chess puzzle on thefirst try wins a free tall Starbucks drink of choice! No player was able to solve last Wednesday's chess puzzle, but there will be another for this coming Sunday's session.

Last Wednesday's session was quite a lot of fun, with as many as 8 youngsters enjoying the afternoon, with most playing chess over the boards with new friends, including adults as well as other kids they met for the first time! Among the kids that day were Evan and Zane with their Dad Igor; Ohm and Sia with their Mom Hira; Myles and his Mom Ly; and, Ian, Jojo, and Kaden with their Mom Paige ! (I hope I got all the names right and spelled them correctly). The adults that joined the fun, challenging games were Sam, John Ht., Mike T., Tony T., Yancy, and Ronald C.-- and, thanks to Ronald C., there was quite an exhibition of chess that amazed adults and kids alike in playing, with odds on clock time given, Bullet Chess, Blitz, and even Blindfold Chess !!

It was also nice to see the kids' parents socialize with each other, including with some adults who were there, such as Ken, Dan, Mikey O., Gregg, and Ernie, who are well known to the club organizer and some players, all in the spirit of making new friends and renewing old friendships!

So then, we meet again this Sunday, July 31st, same place, same time, and I hope to see as many there as before, perhaps even more since we see more players on Sundays! For those players who are members of the US Chess Federation, we will once again soon be having our club tournaments, using Quad and other formats, stay tuned!

-- Mike T.
Contra Costa Chess Club
US Chess Federation
Affiliate Club ID #A6024746

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