Wednesday, September 22, 2021

CHESS & Starbucks Alert!

Hi Everyone !
Alert: (Info received thru Starbucks corporate channels, effective tomorrow, Wednesday, September 22, 2011, for perhaps as long as two weeks):

Starbucks, along with several other establishments with indoor dining facilities in local/county locations, will for perhaps as long as two weeks starting tomorrow, not permit indoor dining or drinking due to a new local/county requirement for all their employees to take specialized Covid-19 training.

Customers are still welcome to purchase Starbucks drinks, food and other products, (and use the bathroom as needed it's believed), but must leave the interior of the store with their goods.

Chess players, as are the other customers, are welcome to occupy the outside tables and chairs. Though there is no purchase requirement, I would recommend that players have a Starbucks product at or by the outside tables (to discourage any possible complaints from non-chess playing customers). Though we've taken over all the outside tables for chess before with no problem whatsoever, I guess we have to be more circumspect about it until the indoor facilities are once again open to everyone to enjoy.

Thanks for taking note,

-- Mike T.

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