Friday, April 5, 2013

Contra Costa Chess Club on

Recently, one of our members (Pete K.) created a group on for the Contra Costa Chess Club. Even if you don't make it by the club on Mondays or Thursdays (and especially if you do), next time you are on look up our group and join!  This can give the club an opportunity to play matches with other clubs around the bay and around the world.

If you are not currently a member of, it is free to join. They offer live play and play by e-mail as well as a large amount of content to help you improve your game (my favorite is Tactics Trainer).

Should you would like to challenge some of us to a game, here are the user names of some of our members:

Mike T. - Zoomer350
John S. - mney
Pete K. - PJKchess
Scott M. - lonesage

Feel free to add your user name to the comments if you wish to share. :) Or just challenge one of us.

Special thanks to Pete K. for setting this up!!

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