Saturday, May 18, 2013

22 Players Attend Cusi Simul, Cusi Wins 21 and Draws 1

Thank you to International Master-Elect Ronald Cusi for putting on an excellent simul and lecture at the Walnut Creek Library.  Twenty-two players came and played against the master.  After about 4 hours and 15 minutes of play, Cusi had won 21 of the games and only allowed one draw.

Thank you also to the 22 players that took the time to come and play in the event.  Special thanks also go to Mike T. for making the initial approach and getting the ball rolling.  Thank you also to Emmanuel P. for helping coordinate things with Mr. Cusi and helping the event be successful.  Finally, a HUGE thank you to Jeff McC and Black Dragon Chess for helping with the location, advertising and providing sets for the event.

Here is a picture of the event (I will post more later as I get them, so feel free to send them in!):

I was fortunate enough to be the one to get the only draw.  Three of the younger players earned medals by holding out for at least 30 moves against the master.  Here is my game from the event:

Should anyone else wish to share their game or pictures from the event, please mail them in and I will post them.

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