Tuesday, March 8, 2022

CHESS this Wednesday March 9th at Starbucks and Carl's Jr.!!

Hi Everyone!

Players of all ages and skill levels are welcome once again this Wednesday, March 9, 2022, to play the great game of chess over the boards at either or both of our regular venues, Starbucks and Carl's Jr., located at the Clayton Station Shopping Center, which is just a couple of driveways up from the corner of Kirker Pass Rd. and Clayton Rd, Concord CA.

At either Starbucks or Carl's Jr. (which are just across the parking lot from each other) players come and go as they wish from 3:00p.m. on through both closing times of 8:00p.m. All or most players arriving before 4:00p.m. meet and start playing at Starbucks for the usual fun, challenging "coffeehouse chess". Other players may wish to continue on to Carl's Jr. for more spacious tables and a quieter setting, especially if they are in our club's official USCF-rated matches (as in Quads, which are now forming: Entry Fee $12.50; Time Control G/45d.10; 1st Place $25; 2nd Place $20; participants must be current members of the US Chess Federation.).

USCF-rated Quad Tournaments are now forming, and one is already underway, with the first round having been played this past Sunday at Carl's Jr.! At least 10 players had fun with chess last Sunday at both venues. There to enjoy the games and good company were Yancy, Irakli, Vishwa, Matthew, Herb, Setsal, Ken, Tony, Mike T., and Steve P. with his super-cute little daughter Cecilia!

The club's first official Quad of 2022 is underway with Tony, Setsal, Matthew, and Herb. They each played the first of 3 rounds last Sunday at Carl's Jr., with the possibility of playing the remaining two rounds this Wednesday at that same venue after first meeting at Starbucks! Results may be announced by this Friday, so stay tuned!

The club's second official Quad and possibly a third one may be formed and set to begin next Sunday, March 13. Who will be in the Quad matches? Once again, stay tuned, or if you haven't yet expressed interest, get your game up and join one! (You won't be overmatched.)

Note: There are no club dues. At either Starbucks or Carl's Jr., players are not required to purchase anything (but it would be nice, since they are hosting us). There is no requirement to join the US Chess Federation, however, if a player wants to compete in official USCF-rated matches, he or she must be a current member of the USCF. Players who wish to join or renew membership in the USCF can do so online at www.uschess.org.

See you soon,

-- Mike T.
Contra Costa Chess Club
US Chess Federation
Affiliate Club ID #A6024746

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