Wednesday, November 28, 2012

London Chess Classic UPDATE w/Results

One of the best tournaments for web viewing will be starting up this Saturday in England.  The London Chess Classic is in its fourth year and draws the worlds strongest players.  This year you have Magnus Carlsen (Top rated in the World), Vishy Anand (World Champion), Vladmir Kramnik (former World Champion), Levon Aronian (2nd highest rated in the world), Hikaru Nakamura (US Champion), Judith Polgar (Top rated woman in the world), Luke McShane (2nd highest rated UK Player), Gawain Jones (current UK Champion) and Michael Adams (UK highest Rated Player).

What I think makes this event great is the live video coverage.  In past years, the games are analyzed during the round by top UK GMs and IMs as well as the player that has the rest day and isn't playing.  After games are over, the players stop by and go through their games.  Usually the commentary is educational AND entertaining.

The web site is:

First round starts at 6am Pacific Standard Time on Saturday, December 1st.  If you happen to be awake, go to the site and click on the "Live Commentary" link to watch the games in progress and listen to the commentary.

Here is a video from IM Andrew Martin with a preview of the event:

UPDATE: The tournament finished this morning with the clear winner being Magnus Carlsen.  Not only did he win the tournament, in doing so he has broken Gary Kasparov's rating records and is now the highest rated player ever!  Former World Champion Vladmir Kramnik took clear 2nd.

Here is a final Cross-Table of the event.  Click to enlarge.

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