Friday, May 18, 2012

Chess Books For Sale

If you are looking for some great deals on chess books, one of our members that runs the Pink Elephant Chess Podcast has many on his site for sale. Here is a partial list:

Kasparov My Great Predecessors: Prices are 50% 0ff this series
Pt 1 $35
Pt 2 $35
Pt 3 $30
Pt 4 $35

Dvoretsky Series
School of Chess Excellence #1(Paperback) PE's Price $12.00 List Price $26.60
School of Chess Excellence #2: Tactical Play (Paperback) PE's Price $12.00 List Price $26.60-$35
School of Chess Excellence #3(Paperback)PE's Price $12.00 List Price $26.60 School of Chess Excellence #4: Opening Developments PE's Price $12.00 Amazon $23.10/List Price $35
List Price for all 4 vol. $103
Buy all 4 volumes for a bigger savings $42.00

More Dvoretsky Books
Opening Preparation (Paperback) PE's Price $15.00 List Price $25.39
Attack & Defense (Paperback) PE's Price $15.00 List Price $40.00

C.J.S. Purdy
#1 Search for Chess Perfection $45.00 PE's Price $20.00 + Shipping Condition NEW
#2 Extreme Chess" World Championships 1935, 1937, 1972 $49.00/ $75.00 PE's Price $20.00
#3 Guide to Good Chess $33.00 PE's $18.00
#4 How Purty Won $10.00 New HB Ed Discriptive $10.00
#5 Action Chess: Purdy's 24 Hours Opening Repertoire $37.00 PE's Price $20.00
#6 How Fischer Won

Spassky: 100 Best Games (Bernard Cafferty) Hard Bound: Descriptive Notation [Condition Good]
Best Games of Boris Spassky (Andrew Soltis) Hard Bound: Descriptive Notation [Condition like new]
Chess Star's Series Tal: 4 Vols (complete) $60.00

Tournament Books
Bronstein's 1953 Zurich Hardcover w/Jacket 1st Edition

Ideas behind the Chess Openings GM Fine
The Opening Game in Chess - GM Ludek Pachman
How to Open a Chess Game
Mastering the Chess Openings Vol 1 & 2
Modern Chess Opening Theory - GM Suetin
Plan like a Grandmaster - GM Suetin
(X) Lastly Mastering the Endgame Volume 1 & 2 IM Shereshevsky (Types of Endgames that lead from given openings)

Strategy and Tactics
Chess Fundamentals - Wch. GM Capablanca
A Primer of Chess - Wch. GM Capablanca
Laskers Manual
The Middlegame in Chess - GM Pachman
Point Count Chess
The Middle Game in Chess - GM Fine
Chess Strategy For the Tournament Player -GM Alburt
Complete Chess Strategy - GM Pachman
How to Play the Middlegame in Chess Littlewood
The Middle game in Chess - Znosko Borovsky
The Art of the Middle Game -GM's Keres and Kotov
New Ideas in Chess - GM Evans
Positional Chess Handbook - Gelfer
Art of chess Combination - Znosko Borovsky
The Art of Checkmate - Renaud and Khan
Combinations in the Middlegame - Bondarevsky
Chess Tactics - GM Kotov
Combination Challenge - Hays and Hall
The Inner Game of Chess - GM Soltis
The Art of Combination - Blokh
Chess Middle Game Combinations
Attack With Tal
Modern Chess Tactics
Attack and Defense in Chess Tactics
The Art of Attack - Vukovic
The Chess Sacrifice - Vukovic
Think Like a Grandmaster - GM Kotov
Play Like a Grandmaster - GM Kotov
Train Like a Grandmaster - GM Kotov
Pawns in Action - Sokolsky
Pawn Power In Chess - Kmoch
Pawn Structure Chess - GM Soltis
Understanding Pawn Play in Chess - Marovic
Chess Middlegame Planning - Romanovsky
Judgement and Planning - Wch. Dr. Max Euwe
Planning in Chess - GM Flesch
How to Choose a Chess Move - GM Soltis
Three Steps to Chess Mastery - GM Suetin
A Contemporary Approach to The Middle Game - GM Suetin
Secrets of Positional Chess - Marovic
The MiddleGame Book 1 & 2 - Wch. Dr. Max Euwe
Art of the Sacrifice Spielman
Middlegames - Laszlo Polgar RARE!

Chess Endings for the Practical Player - Pachman
The Endings in Modern Theory and Practice
Endgame Strategy - Shereshevsky
Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual
Pal Benko's Endgame Laboratory

To purchase any of these books, please go to the Pink Elephant Chess Podcast Store

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