Friday, October 6, 2023

CHESS this Sunday, October 8, 2023 at Starbucks!

Hi Everyone!

Join the fun and challenge of chess over the boards this Sunday, October 8, 2023 at our regular Starbucks venue, as adults and kids alike come and go anytime between 3:00 p.m. and closing time to play! Be the first to solve a chess puzzle on the first try to win a free tall Starbucks beverage of choice!

We meet Sunday and Wednesday afternoons, same time, same place. Last Wednesday's attendance was unusually light, with a half dozen players enjoying the afternoon at the chessboards: Ben C., Tony, FBen, Mike T., Bert, and a bearded new player whose name I didn't quite get. Ben C. did, on his second try, solve the day's chess puzzle!

Do come by to enjoy the game, perhaps make new friends, or renew old friendships!

See you soon,

-- Mike T.
Contra Costa Chess Club
US Chess Federation
Affiliate Club ID #A6024746

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