Tuesday, January 10, 2023

CHESS this Wednesday, January 11th at Starbucks!


This past Sunday's session saw at least a dozen players mix it up over the chessboards: Kids Myles, Jackson, and Sabina were there along with Susie, Yancy, Sam, Ron, Mike T., Ray, Jil, Kevin, Vinn Jr., and Mark! Did anyone solve the mate-in-two chess puzzle? Well, if it weren't for Sabina showing everyone what the correct first move was, it may never have been solved! For her key participation, Sabina won a Starbucks treat for her and her brother!

We meet every Wednesday and Sunday afternoon, from 3pm through closing time at our usual Starbucks venue. We therefore convene again this Wednesday, January 11, 2023. We welcome players of all ages and skill levels. There are no dues and there is no purchase required (but it would be nice). Players there early usually have a chance to be the first to solve a chess puzzle on the first try to win a free tall Starbucks drink!

Join us also to try 4-Way Speed Chess! Last Sunday, Ron, Mike T., Sam, and Kevin gave it a try without clocks, and it was fun! On the clocks, set at 5 minutes each, it should be quite interesting with special club rules and an initial $$$ prize for the winner!

See you soon!

-- Mike T.
Contra Costa Chess Club
US Chess Federation
Affiliate Club ID #A6024746

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